About Pete

Pete Wilkins is a purpose-driven leader committed to creating a positive impact on the world by investing in people and organizations.  

Pete knows what it means to have purpose. At 10 years old, Pete’s mother died of cancer. A few years later, his father had a heart attack on his high school homecoming and died 18 months later from a stroke. Less than a year from his father passing away, Pete was brutally attacked. He was clubbed in the head so violently that the right side of his skull was completely shattered. He nearly died before he even reached the hospital (let alone his twentieth birthday). 

As a result, Pete was frequently forced to contemplate the purpose of life. He became a fighter. His purpose was not only to survive but to thrive, which has guided the trajectory of his life from a very young age.  

His belief: there is more, and I am more fuels his entrepreneurial spirit. Before he was thirty, he was a critical part of two technology startups that sold and IPO’d for more than $2.8 billion. He later went on to lead the turnaround of a medical education company from record losses to record profits and built one of the premier online physician education communities, which was followed by starting a double-bottom line company focused on college attainment for Latino families. Not every step was successful, but they were all purposeful. 

Today, Pete leads HPA, the most active early-stage venture investor group in the Midwest. He and his firm take a people-first approach—they purposefully invest in human and financial capital in entrepreneurs—to help them build successful businesses and ultimately realize their dreams. He serves as an active advisor to many entrepreneurs, sits on several boards, and frequently speaks and writes about investing in people and organizations for Forbes, VentureBeat, Thrive Global, and other top media organizations.  

In addition to HPA, Pete founded Omaxen more than a decade ago to help entrepreneurs and executives own and maximize purpose, wellness, and performance. Based on his experiences over the course of his life and career, he is now putting all of his tried-and-true practices into one platform, The Omaxen Theory and Omaxen app. The book and app will break down a lifetime of lessons and research into key principles that people can use to lead and live more purposefully, ultimately, helping them lead their best lives defined by them. 

He, more than anyone, realizes purpose allows you to enjoy the journey as much as the end result.

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