How to Measure Your Personal Performance

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People say I'm OCD. But I don't care. We can live a much more satisfying life by being mindful of what matters to us and setting goals to realize it. Measuring our performance allows us to get better.

I've shared the tools I use to track my daily mindfulness and performance (to my goals), my goal performance for the year, and my goal performance compared to my mindfulness. You can see how mindfulness is tightly correlated to goal realization (or performance).

To achieve and experience what matters to us in life, we have to break it down into manageable steps and keep our attention on those steps in order to make it work. It helps when we focus on our daily intentions with gentle reminders to ensure our attention is appropriate and our decisions are purposeful, which ultimately helps us reach our desired results.

I encourage you to try it. Set a goal to do something that matters to you and set your phone's alarm to vibrate later in the day. When it goes off, take 3 long breaths to get present and then reflect on your goal. Let me know how it goes.

As you can see in my chart, I've failed plenty of times. However, over the long term, it helps me keep my attention on what matters.