The Importance of Recovering from Work Stress

PC: Cassidy Kelley

PC: Cassidy Kelley

As a VC, I need data to support my investment decisions. Similarly, I need evidence to support my theories in life. Therefore, I analyzed the strain on my body from my mountain hiking trip and compared it to my work week prior to the trip.

Although the total strain on my body from hiking was greater than my work week, the amount of strain from a high-stress work day was surprisingly comparable to climbing up, over and down a single mountain.

Friday before my hiking trip I had a board meeting, which requires a ton of energy and triggers fight or flight responses from my central nervous system - placing a lot of strain on me mentally and physically. As a result, my strain score was high - reaching 14.9. The score was just a few points below the last day of my hiking trip, which is crazy because on my last day I hiked for 9 freaking hours including summiting Buckskin.

Although just a small sample, it does provide one more data point to reinforce the idea of how important recovery is after a stressful work week. I don't believe in trying to achieve perfect balance; however, I do believe recovery is necessary to ensure your top performance in life and business.

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