Own Your Attention for Astonishing Results

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Own your Attention! Place it on what matters at work, on the court, and at home. Your results will be astonishing.

Your attention has three major components: 1) your focus, 2) your awareness, and 3) your mindset.

1. Focus is being able to cut through the noise—chaos, obstacles, doubt—to concentrate on your goals and execute the strategies to achieve your goals.

2. Awareness is being present in the moment, which allows you to also be aware of your current state, what is around you, and what is emerging that may be a better path to your desired outcomes and goals than your previously prepared strategy.

3. Mindset is your state of mind and how it is impacting your ability to focus and stay aware. Being present helps optimize your mindset because it reduces the noise and emotions that swirl around in your head that influence your perspective, your decisions, and your performance. Mindset is also influenced by cognitive bias, previous failures, and unmet desires, which affects the ability to be your best self.

Regularly calibrate your attention throughout your day so you can perform at your best in any situation.