Using Data to Maximize Performance

Being a venture capitalist, I look at metrics to provide insights into startups every day. The best entrepreneurs know how to intelligently use data to optimize their business to drive top performance. I think we can do the same thing with our lives.

Using WHOOP , I review a few daily indicators to determine how intense I will make my workouts.  Today, WHOOP's data told me that my body was in good condition - I was in the green zone at 84% Recovery, which is calculated using a host of physiological variables.  

Since I had the data "green light", I decided to really push it.  The good news was the WHOOP data was right, my body was ready for it and I had a killer work. My strain score was 17, which validates it. (This week has been extremely hectic and was filled with a lot of stress - my Recovery Score was in the red zone the majority of the week, so I adjusted my workouts accordingly and took an extra day off as well).

Like in business, we should use the right mix of data to maximize our personal performance in life! There are many more tools out there to help us quantify our personal performance. I encourage you to try them. You will like the results.