Sleep Your Way to Better Results

pc: Sylvie Tittel

pc: Sylvie Tittel

I operate at a pretty intense pace. I want to maximize my performance in every aspect of my life - work, family, community, etc. I realize that many of you are the same way.

When I was younger, I thought relentless effort and tireless action were the keys to success. I thought sleep was for the weak and a waste of time. However, I was 100% wrong.

After seeing my personal performance data, I learned I made more mistakes and spent twice as much time to get the same amount of work done when I didn’t get enough rest. The most important discovery was that a lack of sleep hurt my ability to effectively connect with teammates, friends, and family.

I learned "activity" does NOT equal "productivity". Although I “did a lot”, a lot of it was poorly done. Work done poorly is a complete waste of time.

Bottom line, sleep recharges you mentally and physically, which allows you to make better decisions and focus on what matters. Although you will be “doing less”, you will be doing the right things and making the right decisions that produce the right results.

In a future post, I will share how the Bose Sleepbuds have dramatically improved my sleep performance and may help you too.

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