Why I Write About Purpose, Performance, and Living Your Best Life


When I was 10, my mom died of cancer. A few years later, my father had a heart attack on my high school homecoming and died 18 months later from a stroke. Less than a year from my dad passing away, I was brutally attacked. I was clubbed in the head so violently that the right side of my skull was completely shattered. I nearly died before I even reached the hospital (let alone my twentieth birthday).

After two surgeries and a plate being inserted into my head, I was forced to contemplate the purpose of life. I became a fighter. My purpose was not only to survive but to thrive, which has guided the trajectory of my life. My belief: there is more, and I am more fuels my spirit.

I've had a lot of personal and professional successes and failures. These life experiences married to decades of researching and studying human behavior and performance provide the foundation for what I am sharing via social media and PeteWilkins.me.

By sharing my life, research and experiences with you, I hope to make a positive impact on the world. I know your feedback makes a positive impact on me.