Why the People We Respect Most in Life Aren't Famous

Eugene “Bud” Wilkins, World War II

Eugene “Bud” Wilkins, World War II

Although there are millions of posts glamorizing celebrities, the people we respect most in life never see the spotlight. Our moms, dads, teachers, coaches, first responders, (insert someone you truly admire here: _________________). Although they do incredible things every day, those things don't make headlines.

We see how they live their lives. How they navigate life's twist and turns. How they overcome obstacles and failures. How they remain true to who they are regardless of the pressures they encounter. We know they're not perfect but that’s what makes them perfect to us. It allows us to be human too.

My dad didn’t graduate from high school. He sold shoes, drove trucks, and worked in oil refineries. He also served our country in WW II, raised seven kids after my mom died at a young age, and made sure all of his kids graduated from college. The values he instilled in me by the way he lived his life outweighs anything I ever learned in school or business.

My dad and the folks you inserted in the blank above have at least one thing in common - strong character. They have a True North. They make the necessary choices to live according to their values on a daily basis regardless if anyone is watching.

Cheers to them!