Why Lifting Weights Will Make Your Brain Stronger

pc: jesper aggergaard

pc: jesper aggergaard

Strength training helps improve physical and mental health simultaneously. Like running, exercise-triggered endorphins play a role, but strength training also provides an opportunity to overcome obstacles in a controlled, predictable environment; which in turn increases mental resilience, decrease stress, and increase cognitive function. When strength training, especially at high intensities, we see an increase in blood, oxygen, and nutrient delivery to the brain.

Furthermore, strength training has incredible benefits of improving physique, metabolism, and energy levels. Very simply; strength training builds more muscle than cardiovascular activity. When the body has more lean muscle mass, it will ramp up the calories burned because of the energy demands the body needs to function. Over time this increase in muscle mass will help decrease fat production and storage at the superficial and visceral (deep, near organs) levels, which has a significant role in increasing chances of disease and even cancer.

Strength training enhances all other styles of training. An increase in total body strength will have a significant overlap into other forms of exercise and even sport. Typically other training styles and studios will demand more work for a longer period of time. Being stronger will each movement you do more efficient and being more efficient will enhance your ability to perform at higher levels for longer periods of time.

The benefits of strength training will give you the mental and physical edge you want, so shake up your routine and move some weights.

Special thanks to Chad Driscoll from LIFT for contributing to this post.