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The Chicago Wellness Challenge
to May 31

The Chicago Wellness Challenge

Entrepreneurs are always under pressure to perform. Stress builds and it takes a toll both mentally and physically, which impacts their ability to lead and grow a startup.

I believe that, in order for an entrepreneur to do their best work, they need to ensure that they’re ready and able to perform. This means taking care of mind and body to maximize performance. To prove it, I created The Chicago Wellness Challenge to challenge folks to make their wellness a priority.

JOIN The CHALLENGE and make wellness a priority in your life!

  1. Set a wellness goal that you want to accomplish over the next 6-weeks.

  2. Share via social media using #ChiWellnessChallenge.

Throughout the challenge, participants and partners will share their experiences, tips, trials, and successes on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, in hopes to call others to engage, learn, and start moving towards their own wellness goals.

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